Video series: Elevating Youth voices

This video series is the result of a year-long collaboration of a working group of US and German civic education professionals on the topic of public history, memory and historical-civic education. In the series, we hear from young people directly about their experiences in public history programs to help us as practitioners better evolve to meet the needs of a new generation. To read more about this project, please see the article “Elevating Youth Voices: From Public History to Civic Engagement” here

part 1: who are you?

part 2: advice for talking about painful history?

part 3: experience with intergenerational work


Navina EngelageGesamteuropäisches Studienwerk e.V. (GESW) / Pan-European Studies Institute

April Grayson, The Alluvial Collective

Gabrielle Lamplugh, Mikva Challenge

Elena Neu, IJAB e.V.

Teresa Pfaffinger, Hanns-Seidel Stiftung

Sarah M. Surak, Salisbury University