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Journal ‘Außerschulischen Bildung’ Looks at Civic Learning in the USA

The Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten journal, Außerschulischen Bildung, has dedicated it’s first issue of 2022 to current political and social developments and the current state of civic learning in the United States. Special acknowledgement is due to several TECE Fellows – Sarah Wagner, April Grayson, and Sarah Surak, who contributed their time and expertise in the form of articles. Find out how you can access these articles here.

IJAB Publishes USA-special...featuring TECE!

The International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB)  recently published their USA-Special-2022, a first-of-its-kind look at existing US-German international youth work projects. Facilitated by TECE-Fellow, Elena Neu, the publication explores what US-German collaboration in youth work looks like, why it’s important, and seeks to inspire others with ideas from the field.  The TECE project was represented among the many interesting projects presented here, with an article, “Civic Education as Centerpiece of Transatlantic Exchange”. 

TECE Fellows Meet in Weimar and Berlin

After many online meetings and much anticipation, Fellows in the AdB and Tisch College of Civic Life project, the Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators, met for the first-time in-person from the 5th to the 14th of November, 2021 in Germany. The group of 21 Fellows and four colleagues from the partnering host organizations descended on the Europäische Jugendbildung- und Begegnungsstätte (EJBW) in Weimar first, where they spent four days, before moving on – with a stop in Erfurt on the way – to stay with another AdB member organization, the Centre Français in Berlin for the remainder of the stay.

Event: the legacies of reeducation in germany and beyond

The US-led reeducation of German society in the post-World War II period is often considered the main impetus behind the foundation of “politische Bildung” in Germany. How relevant are the institutions, approaches, and theoretical influences borne of that period on civic education and society still today? As both Germany and the US struggle to reckon with systemic racism as well as their respective histories… 

you're invited: civics in the hot seat | sept. 16

The current, heated debates in the US over how to teach about race and the role of action civics in classrooms are an interesting point of comparison to right-wing populist and right-wing extremist pressures on teachers and non-formal education institutions in Germany.

In this panel conversation and interactive conversation, we will look to see how these debates are taking shape beyond our own national contexts.

Introducing the TECE Fellows

The cohort of Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators (TECE) Fellows has been announced by the hosting organizations, the Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V. and the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University.

who are young people in germany and the usa?

Join us for our second event to hear from youth research and policy experts on the demographic, social and political experiences of young people in Germany and the US. 

kick-off event announced

We are excited to launch the new AdB and Tisch College of Civic Life project, the “Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators (TECE)”, with an open event that will explore practices and policies of politische Bildung and civic learning in Germany and the U.S.

Applications are open!

We are looking for 10 participants from Germany and 10 from the U.S. to be part of a transatlantic dialogue in the field of youth and young adult civic learning.