Second Event Announcement | May 3, 2021

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As the second event in our Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators kick-off series, we will hear from three youth research and policy experts about the demographic, social and political situation of young people in Germany and the United States. In seeking to better understand the answer to the question “who are young people in Germany and the US today?” from a youth research perspective, we gain insight into the needs, passions, and motivations of young people. This invent is intended primarily for professionals in the field of youth and young adult civic learning and youth work, but is open to all those interested in learning more. 


We are lucky to have three experts join us:

Dr. Anne Berngruber

Research Associate, Division ‘Life situations and Lifestyles of Young People’ at the German Youth Institute

Anne has worked as a research associate at the German Youth Institute since 2009. She has been in the Department of “Youth and Youth Welfare Services” since 2015, in the division “Life situations and Lifestyles of Adolescents”. Her research topics include the conditions of adolescents and young adults growing up, various transitions from adolescence to adulthood such as moving out and returning to the parental home. She has been involved in social reporting on children, adolescents and families since the first wave of the DJI-survey AID:A (“Growing up in Germany: Everyday Worlds”) in 2009.

Kelly Beadle

Project Lead, Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

Kelly Beadle joined CIRCLE in February 2019 and manages CIRCLE’s voter registration research project. Her role is to lead qualitative and quantitative analysis on voter registration and participation, in addition to program evaluation for the project. Before joining CIRCLE, Kelly worked on program development, running field experiments and fundraising in numerous national and state-based organizations. She began her career and worked for over a decade in Minnesota, which she considers her home. In her free time, you can find her reading academic papers on experiments to change political behavior or planning a trip to a new country.

Abby Kiesa

Deputy Director, Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)

Abby joined CIRCLE in 2005, after working with students across the country, to focus on maintaining a conversation between research and practice. Now, as Deputy Director of CIRCLE, Abby continues that work and also provides leadership for CIRCLE’s election strategies, website content, and external communications. She has worked on several major research projects and evaluations while at CIRCLE, as well as on several partnerships to support growing voters for a more equitable electorate.

Abby is well-versed in the wide range of youth civic and political engagement efforts and practice, and brings a broad view of the institutions and interventions that can make up ecosystems for civic development among all youth. She is most interested in how to effect change in community, institutional, and political systems to reduce inequality. Abby has been cited by news outlets such as The New York Times, CSPAN, NPR, and PolitiFact.

After the main event, we will hold an informal Q&A session to answer any questions from prospective applicants about the TECE Fellowship application process. More information on the application process can be found here.

The event will take place on Zoom on May 3rd 2021, 6pm (CEST) / noon and will take place in English.

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