A Transatlantic
Dialogue of Civic

Connecting US-American and German non-formal civic education professionals

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About TECE

Investing in comprehensive civic learning is critical for the future health of our democracies as both Germany and the United States face significant challenges: structural racism, right-wing populism, polarization and mistrust of democratic institutions and the media, not to mention a strained transatlantic relationship, all exacerbated further by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators (TECE) will bring together German and U.S.-American extracurricular civic learning professionals to unlock opportunities for mutual learning and reintroduce a transatlantic dimension to the field.

apply to be a fellow

Are you a youth or young adult civic learning professional and interested in enhancing your professional practice through international exchange?

Apply to be a TECE Fellow! This unique opportunity to participate in both virtual and in-person exchange is open to ten participants from Germany and ten from the U.S.

Apply by May 18th!

Recent Blog Posts

Kick-off event announced

We are excited to launch the new AdB and Tisch College of Civic Life project, the “Transatlantic Exchange of Civic Educators (TECE)”, with an open event that will explore practices and policies of politische Bildung and civic learning in Germany and the U.S.

Applications are open!​

We are looking for 10 participants from Germany and 10 from the U.S. to be part of a transatlantic dialogue in the field of youth and young adult civic learning.​