Elena Neu

Project Officer International Youth Policy Cooperation

IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany

Elena lives in Bonn, Germany, where she has been working for IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany since 2018. As Project Officer she manages various national and international projects that aim to strengthen international youth work in Germany and foster international cooperation in the field through information, consultation, and networking of youth work providers. Before her path led her to non-formal education, she started her career in the vocational training sector in 2017, organizing internships in different European countries for more than 60 young apprentices along the way.

It was for her curiosity for global interdependencies and connections that Elena decided to get her Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Development Studies and subsequent Master’s in International Relations. Having had the opportunity to work, study and travel abroad several times throughout the course of her education, she knows first-hand how international exchanges can challenge beliefs and play a major role in promoting self-reflection, critical thinking, and tolerance beyond national borders. Therefore, she seeks to contribute to ongoing international cooperation and exchanges for young people and professionals from all economic and educational backgrounds.

It was her personal experience as an exchange student in East Tennessee that sparked an ongoing particular interest in German-American friendship and politics as well as an unapologetic love for country music and the southern drawl.