Teresa Pfaffinger

Areas of expertise: Educational policy/ youth education, civic engagement policy/ youth engagement, Working in intergenerational projects

As head of the division youth, education and generations in the civic education department of the Hanns Seidel foundation, I would be open for speaking opportunities or writing projects about educational policies or youth policy, youth engagement or intergenerational projects in civic education, or about the work of a political foundation. I would also love to realize projects in cooperation with other organizations. I can offer stays at our educational center Kloster Banz or meetings at our headquarter in Munich. I can also offer my network of facilitators and speakers to various topics.

Email: Pfaffinger-t@hss.de (best way to contact)
Further information: Junge HSS at the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung
Podcast: HSS Podcast – Die Jungen Bilden
Social Media: LinkedIn