Sarah Surak

Areas of expertise: Comparative Civic Education, Civic Engagement in Higher Education, Democratic Participation, American Politics, Sustainability and Civic Empowerment, Civic Reflection Methods, Critical Theory

Sarah Surak is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Salisbury University splitting her time between Salisbury, Maryland, and Hamburg, Germany. Her academic research and teaching specializations include civic education and engagement in the United States, comparative civic and democratic education (primarily in Germany and the United States), democratic empowerment and participation, and environmental policy (specifically waste management and urban infrastructure policy). Surak is a Senior Fellow with the national Center for Civic Reflection. She regularly facilitates workshops on civic reflection methods, dialogue techniques, utopian visioning for sustainability, and US election simulations (youth-focused).

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Podcast: Amerikas Verfassung. Politik und Gesellschaft in den USA
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