Lisa Peyer

Program Manager, Democracy and Participation

State Center for Civic Education Bremen / Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Bremen

Lisa Peyer has been working at the State Center for Civic Education Bremen (Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Bremen) since 2018, and is responsible for project management, consultation and cooperation. Her department for participation, elections and democracy is empowering citizens, multipliers and institutions in order to raise a confident participation in democratic structures and processes.  

Coming from a scientific research-background Lisa Peyer taught at several German universities in the fields of party research, voter behavior and theories of democracy. In addition, she has many years of work experience in the area of non-formal civic education, especially in projects aiming (digital) youth participation.

Her current work includes methodological and educational concepts of programs as well as hands on-projects and events. Regardless of the particular topics of an educational program, she is driven by the question how we can outreach to people, who can´t or won´t participate due to social, financial or educational restrictions. Therefore she cofounded the national working-group “Social Space Oriented Civic Education“ (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Aufsuchende Politische Bildung) in 2020.