Navina Engelage

Areas of expertise: transatlantic civic education, public history, oral history, biographical learning, German politics, international projects

Navina Engelage has been a full-time pedagogical staff member at the GESW (Gesamteuropäisches Studienwerk/ Pan-European Studies Institute) since 2008. She has a master’s degree (History, Political Science, Dutch Studies). Her focus is civic education and historical-political learning. After her studies, she first worked freelance for the Berlin youth forum denk!mal, which carries out various activities around the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and for the Sachsenhausen memorial in Oranienburg. Navina offers workshops on the topics of National Socialism, World War II and European remembrance as well as German division, everyday life in the GDR and reunification. She also provides introductions to oral history and biographical learning for young people. Navina knows her way around Berlin and will be happy to accompany your group to the historical sites. Finally, she invites you to come to the educational center GESW in Westphalia. She would be pleased to start an international project with you – preferably with older teenagers or young adults.

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