Adam Westbrook

Areas of expertise: Civic engagement in Higher Education, American civic education, Dialogue and deliberation, Religions and civic life, Local and International community partnerships and coalition building, Experiential learning

Adam Westbrook is currently Director of the Center for Community Engagement at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, where he develops civic education programs where students engage with communities in Boston, across the United States, and abroad. He has worked at the intersection of education, civic engagement, and civil dialogue for almost two decades. Adam’s graduate work in religious studies work focused on how well—or not well—societies with diverse religious groups have been able to create a shared common good. He has spent time studying intergroup conflicts throughout the world, and has facilitated and led interreligious dialogue in the U.S., Israel/Palestine. His community development projects have taken him across the globe, particularly in places where religious and political conflict exist, like Northern Ireland, Myanmar, and Bulgaria.

Adam loves working with educators and community members across the world through speaking engagements, leading workshops, and writing projects.

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